UV-C Vivio Clean 75 Watt PondTechnics
  • UV-C Vivio Clean 75 Watt PondTechnics
  • UV-C Vivio Clean 75 Watt PondTechnics

Pool - Koi Pond Water UVC Disinfection Treatment Clarifier Sterilizer UV System

Complete and ready-to-use 75W UV-C device with ultra-flexible connection options that will help you combat floating algae and make your pond crystal clear and healthy within 14 days

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The use of UV-C devices is to prevent green pond water, which is caused by floating algae.

UV-C devices are used in ponds where it is difficult to achieve a biological balance. In the absence of a good biological effect, for example, little or no plants and many fish develop floating algae. Especially in Koi ponds and mixed ponds that have a large fish stock UV-C devices are often used but also in swimming ponds and in ponds a UV-C device can be used to keep the pond water clear by means of this UV-C device. By exposing the pond water to ultra-violet light, the single-celled floating algae are killed. The result is clear and healthy pond water.

The pond water is fed through the UV-C device by means of a pump, where it is exposed to UV radiation. This radiation is produced by the supplied special lamp that ensures that bacteria and germs have no chance to develop. Also floating algae is destroyed by this radiation, which guarantees the clarity of your pond water


 - Type of lamp: Powerful 75 watt lamp

 - Maximum pond capacity: 75,000 liters (plant pond)

 - Maximum pond capacity: 37.5000 liters (fish pond)

 - Maximum pond capacity: 25,000 liters (koi pond)

 - Maximum flow rate: 20,000 liters per hour

 - Flexible connection options hose: 50/40/32 hose

 - Flexible connection options glue: 63 & 50 PVC pipe

 - Robust stainless steel metal sleeve 

 - Horizontal and vertical mounting possible

 - Supplied with 360 ° rotatable connections

 - Length: 90 cm.

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